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Design by Conception is based in Seou, South Korea, Officially began in early 1990 in New York. Our goal is to introducing to others, a completely fresh and modern interpretation of hair adornments for Wedding. Though we had been creating artistic pieces and accessories since 1990, Design by Conception became inspired to create a full line to the public. We are always ready for you when you need us, because we care.

Design by Conception pieces are made with attention to detail and an interest in fine craftsmanship including Swarovski Stone. Since the first styles were released, the designs have included handmade and hand dyed or painted silk flowers, hand sewn embellishments and other intricate detailing. The Design by Conception line features hair adornments, headbands, birdcage veils, traditional veils, bridal jewelry, belts, boutonnieres, ring pillows, hats, shrugs, bouquets, corsages, everyday jewelry, fragrance and more! The line uses fine silks, feathers, laces, and vintage bits that result in completely unique adornments.

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